The READCHINA team with our research assistants and our administrator in July 2019


  • Baigulahu Wang

Research Assistants:

  • Shaoqi Chen
  • Qin Gu
  • Mira Grünwald
  • Wenxin Huang
  • Bettina Jin
  • Joschua Seiler
  • Maryna Yanhirava
  • Ruohan Zhou

Lena Henningsen (PI)

Meta-reading, reading fiction and fictional reading.

Eve Lin

Reading as consumption, and places of reading.

Damian Mandzunowski

Collective reading activities—and their interactions with everyday life and politics.

Duncan Paterson

Reading code, machine reading, born digital reading.

Lara Yuyu Yang

Material traces or reading, reading used books

Research Collaborators

Dayton Lekner (2021-2023)

Sound, hearing, and social history