In this section, we publish brief pieces with core insights gained from our project(s) and ongoing deliberations by individual researchers about relevant concepts. We are expanding these thoughts in our previous and forthcoming publications too. Our intention in writing the READCHINA Interventions is to spark conversation and provoke thoughts, so we hope you enjoy reading them – and feel free to reach out to us with comments afterward!

01: What is a Reading Act?

Reading acts emphasize the event-like nature of reading. They are proposed as concept of research which focuses on the individual readers, groups of readers and the social, political, historical, intellectual, cultural and literary contexts under which readings take place; it also captures – if sources permit – to take the materiality of texts into the analysis.

02: Why Poach When You Can Wander?

The powerful metaphor of reading-as-poaching was proposed by Michel de Certeau as an alternative to the writing-reading dichotomy. The metaphor points to the appropriation of the text by the reader in opposition to the author, if necessary, by force. While the concept has proven highly inspiring, it bears today connotations that are hard to ignore. However, rather than discard is as a whole, we seek and explore a range of alternative ideas and metaphors both found in de Certeau's writings and proposed by us.


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