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The life of Xianglin’s wife was a life filled with oppression and humiliation, a life of constant struggle and resistance. But the four major feudal bonds – political authority, kinship authority, theocratic authority and patriarchic authority – bound her tightly to the Confucian and Menzian doctrines, which serve as the basis of the reactionary feudal society. She not only suffered severely from material and physical oppression and destruction, but also suffered psychologically from all sorts of contempt and mockery. Not only did she suffer unspeakable grief during her lifetime, moreover, but she faced death with horror as well - for her, death did not mean the end of a tragic life, but the beginning of even greater terror of a different kind. This profoundly uncovers the collusive nature of feudal Confucian ethics and superstition in mercilessly suppressing the working people. The figure of Xianglin’s wife is an epitome of the billions of people oppressed by feudal society. It is also a typical tragic character created by Lu Xun that powerfully denounces the reactionary essence of the Confucian ethical ideology, as well as the cruel and barbaric nature of the feudal system. Mr. Lu, the executioner who kills without the shedding of blood is a disciple of Confucius. Lu Xun wrote this work in order to call on the people to struggle against these cannibalistic forces.

In the current struggle to criticize Lin Biao and Confucius, “The New Year’s Sacrifice” is of considerable significance in revealing the reactionary nature of the Confucian and Menzian doctrines, therefore we compile and publish this lianhuanhua.

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This book was first published by our publishing house in 1957, revised and republished in 1963. As requested by our readers, we have now included it into our “Image Repository of Modern Stories” series for a new edition.